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Seth Rogen’s beloved dog Zelda has died


Seth Rogen’s beloved dog Zelda has died

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Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller-Rogen have lost their beloved dog, Zelda, who they have always said was their child.

Zelda had multitudes of fans and even appeared in a number of Rogen’s movies.

Miller-Rogen took to Instagram with the sad news, posting a carousel of pictures of the pooch, and writing a long caption about why Zelda was so special.

“We said goodbye to our perfect girl Zelda on Thursday, May 4th. She was almost 14 years old,” she wrote. “She was truly the most special, magical creature. She taught us about love, resilience, strength and kindness. We loved her more than words can describe. Everyone who met her saw what a unique little puppy she was. She’d stare in to your soul with her gigantic buggy eyes. She was so judgmental, that when she loved you, you really knew you earned it, and it made you feel like you had won.”

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She continued: “She had an incredible life and was lucky to have so many friends and shared her special love with so many people. She was a girl who was so shy no one adopted her as a baby who became a girl who traveled to multiple countries, appeared in three movies, on two magazine covers, and inspired countless works of Zelda-art— including a lighter that is now in the homes of hundreds of people.”

Miller-Rogen also included a list of things about Zelda that stood out including “Her big eyeballs and her intense eye contact” as well as “The way the fur on her legs looks like culottes from the back.”

“The way she would sit and wait to be called to walk through the metal detectors at the airport and then she’d run through them and everyone would comment about what a good girl she was,” Miller-Rogen wrote.

Rogen shared the same post on his own Instagram.

R.I.P. Zelda.

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