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Russia’s war in Ukraine, Kim Jong Un’s meeting with Vladimir Putin


Russia’s war in Ukraine, Kim Jong Un’s meeting with Vladimir Putin

A prominent Russian military blogger says that the attack on the Sevastopol shipyard overnight was carried out by the Ukrainian Air Force, which launched 10 Storm Shadow cruise missiles at the facility. 

The blogger, Rybar, said that the missiles were launched from Su-24M aircraft over the Black Sea. Rybar said air defenses, including a Pantsir-S1, had brought down seven missiles, but added that “unfortunately, three Storm Shadow missiles reached their target: the landing ship Minsk and the submarine Rostov-on-Don, which were in dry dock, received varying degrees of damage.”

The Rostov-on-Don is a relatively modern Kilo-class submarine capable of carrying Kalibr cruise missiles. There is no independent confirmation of the extent of damage done to any vessel.

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“After a long break, cruise missile attacks on Crimea have resumed,” Rybar said. “With a very high degree of probability, raids will continue in the coming days (and not only in Sevastopol).”

What Ukraine is saying: In an apparent reference to the overnight attack, the head of the Ukrainian President’s Office, Andriy Yermak, said that “in addition to sanctions pressure and depriving the Russian military-industrial complex of the ability to produce weapons, we need to deprive the Russian army of logistics. Without it, they will not be able to hold our territory.” 

“The way to victory on the battlefield is to knock out the logistics of the Russians.”

Fire has been extinguished: The attack damaged eight houses and caused a fire at the shipyard which has now been extinguides, the official Russian news agency TASS reported.

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