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Quilted – Julia Berolzheimer


Quilted – Julia Berolzheimer

Quilted pieces in a variety of shades, patterns and styles, are perfectly suited for the late fall and winter season. On any given day, you may find me wearing a quilted jacket, or carrying a quilted tote or handbag while running errands around town. I also have this super warm quilted coat for colder destinations, and lightweight liner for milder days, each adorned with the traditional soft texture that makes quilted pieces so coveted. Explore my selection of quilted items below to ensure you stay comfortably warm and stylish throughout the holidays and beyond.

Make a bold statement with this quilted velvet headband, a luxurious and chic accessory that adds a touch of elegance to your winter look.

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This playful floral quilted jacket exudes classic charm, keeping you warm and stylish with its whimsical design and cozy silhouette.

With a corduroy trim and soft tartan lining, this classic and versatile jacket is an outerwear piece that will last you for seasons to come.

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