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Old Trafford’s ‘TRA’ section is inspiring a new generation of Man Utd fans


Old Trafford’s ‘TRA’ section is inspiring a new generation of Man Utd fans

The average age of United’s season-ticket holders has been creeping up for many years, so engaging younger fans like Luca is an investment in the future of the club’s support.


“I think TRA’s really increased people my age just wanting to go and building that habit of going and enjoying it, because it is not just about the 90 minutes of football. It’s that social thing around it as well. It’s definitely increased the number of youth I’ve seen go to the games and enjoy it.


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“I barely remember the last time we won a league title, and my dad’s seen so much, but there are still so many kids that are wanting to go and love to go. I think that’s just Manchester United for you. We’re such a big club with a great history, and the fans that go make it as well. It’s a nice environment to be part of, whether we’re winning, losing or drawing. I just love going and being with my mates and my dad.”


The future looks bright on the terraces, with an increasing number of young Reds like Luca falling in love with following United home and away. The Red Army deserves plenty of credit for encouraging that – and making a wall of noise at Old Trafford, of course.


But hopefully, there is so much more still to come. And plenty more Reds – both young and old – ready to be seduced by the idea of boosting the Old Trafford atmosphere to its absolute maximum.

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