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NXT Level Up results: May 5, 2023


NXT Level Up results: May 5, 2023

Oro Mensah def. Kale Dixon

Fresh out of “Club Mensah,” Oro Mensah took to the skies and electrified the NXT Arena right from the opening bell of his tilt against the arrogant Kale Dixon.

Not lacking confidence despite his winless record, Dixon took the time to trash talk his opponent and even yank him down with a fistful of his hair.

Mensah, however, turned the tide by overwhelming Dixon with his speed and a springboard moonsault. Moments later, Mensah drilled Dixon with a nasty spinning heel kick in the corner for the three-count.

Thea Hail def. Lola Vice

After losing her first four bouts on NXT Level Up, Thea Hail enrolled at Chase University and has since won seven of her last eight matches while competing on WWE’s newest brand.

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It’s hard to argue with those results, and Hail did her university proud when she started the match with a battle cry, a swift kick to the face and a standing moonsault before Lola Vice could blink.

Vice, who has an impressive MMA background, briefly gained the upper hand with several nasty strikes, but Hail landed an exploder suplex and soon sent Vice face-first into the canvas to earn the win.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Boa

Though he entered NXT Level Up’s main event still perfect since coming to WWE, Eddy Thorpe received what was arguably his toughest challenge in a nasty encounter with Boa.

The deadly serious Boa recently returned from a significant injury, and he appeared to be taking out his anger on his opponent when he blasted Thorpe with a menacing boot to the jaw for a long two-count.

Thorpe, however, fought through the pain, landed an uppercut to the jaw and notched the victory with a jumping elbow to the chest.

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