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Latest news on Russia’s war in Ukraine


Latest news on Russia’s war in Ukraine

Andriy Yermak, head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said Friday that “another terrorist attack on the capital was repelled.”

He also said that the timing of the missile strike — launched while a delegation of African heads of state were in the Kyiv region — showed Russian President Vladimir Putin is continuing to act with “impunity.”

“Russia’s missile attack took place just as African leaders arrived in the capital,” Yermak said.

“Putin wants to demonstrate that he is ready to disregard the security of foreign leaders, he doesn’t really care, because he feels complete impunity. And anyone can be in the place of African leaders,” he added, recalling similar instances before.

“We remember that missiles were also flying when US President Joe Biden and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres arrived in Ukraine,” Yermak added, in a Telegram post.

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He called on the world to take “the toughest possible position against Russia,” and to show strength to “a state that undermines global security and acts with terrorist methods.”

“We must unite around President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Peace Formula. There is no alternative to it. And we must discuss further steps at the Global Peace Summit,” Yermak said. 

“Only strong diplomacy and a strong position can put an end to Russian terrorism. Because this concerns everyone, every state that wants to exist and preserve the world order.”

African peace mission: Yermak’s comments come ahead of an expected meeting between South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Zelensky in Kyiv on Friday. A delegation of African leaders is currently visiting Kyiv. They are next set to meet Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in St Petersburg on Saturday to discuss a “peace initiative in Ukraine” and the Black Sea grain deal.

South Africa’s presidential spokesperson Vincent Magwenya said in a video message on Friday: “This peace mission is the first time that Africa is united behind the resolution of a conflict outside of our continent, and where you have a group of African heads of state and government traveling together in an attempt to find a path to peace to this conflict.” 

“As you all know, Africa has been severely impacted by this conflict in terms of food insecurity, the price of grain, the price of fertilizer, but equally, this mission says to seek a road to peace that will alleviate the suffering that is being experienced by people in Ukraine,” Magwenya said.

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