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Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise run to replace Kevin McCarthy


Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise run to replace Kevin McCarthy

House Republican moderates are holding out hope that Rep. Kevin McCarthy will make a late entry into the race for speaker as they head into a GOP conference meeting — further complicating the path forward as lawmakers struggle to coalesce around one candidate. 

Moderate Rep. Don Bacon said that he thinks some members will nominate McCarthy for speaker tonight and argued that no one else in the conference has as much support as the former speaker, who was ousted last week.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick said if McCarthy enters the race, it’s up to Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Steve Scalise to decide if they want to stay in the race but emphasized he thinks McCarthy is “the best man for the job.”

“That’s their decision,” Fitzpatrick said of Jordan and Scalise.

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Jordan told News Portal Space that if McCarthy entered the race, “I’m going to listen to my colleagues.”

GOP Rep. Mike Johnson, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee with Jordan but is from Scalise’s home state of Louisiana, would not commit to who he was supporting. “I’m not commenting on it yet. We’ll see what happens,” he said.

Most members walking into the meeting did agree on one thing, that this is going to be a prolonged process.

GOP Rep. Kat Cammack told News Portal Space, “My guess is this is going to be a very long road.”

What has McCarthy said? In multiple interviews this afternoon, the California Republican refused to rule himself out in the run for the speakership, insisting the GOP conference will decide.

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