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Deadline nears as Congress continues negotiations


Deadline nears as Congress continues negotiations

Rep. Matt Gaetz speaks to the press outside the Capitol on September 29.
Rep. Matt Gaetz speaks to the press outside the Capitol on September 29. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida continued to slam House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s leadership Saturday after the speaker said he was being the “adult in the room” by bringing forward a stopgap bill to avert a government shutdown.

“There’s nothing about delaying this process that is being the adult in the room,” Gaetz said. “We are at this point because Kevin McCarthy made multiple contradictory promises about the budget topline to different groups of people.”
“He made one promise to House conservatives in January in order to secure the position, he made another promise to President Biden, he made a third promise all together to House appropriators,” he told reporters, adding, “the one thing everyone seems to have in common is that no one trusts Kevin McCarthy.”

When asked if McCarthy’s speakership is on the line, Gaetz said, “I would say it’s on some tenuous ground.” 

“Right now our plan is to continue to build support for our single-subject spending bills. This 45-day CR does not liberate us from our nation’s financial challenges,” he added, using an abbreviation for “continuing resolution,” which is the term used for the stopgap measure.

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Gaetz told reporters that “whether or not McCarthy faces a motion to vacate is entirely within his control,” arguing the speaker needs to uphold his promise to house conservatives and focus on single subject spending bills.

What McCarthy is saying: The speaker is digging in and daring his right flank to bring a vote to oust him for using a strategy that relies on Democratic votes. 

When asked if he is worried about his job, McCarthy told News Portal Space, “Not at all.”

“Look, if someone wants to try to remove me because I stood for the American public, for the troops to make sure they got paid … to make sure the border agents got paid while we continue to do our work, I welcome that vote,” McCarthy said.

In response to another question from News Portal Space about if he is OK working with Democrats to keep the government open, McCarthy said: “What is wrong with Americans working together? What is wrong with a Republican and Democrat putting America first? I think that’s important.”

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